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  • 3DENT Type L-1500 Liftboat

    3DENT Type L-1500 Liftboat


3Dent Type L-1500 Liftboat

Better. Stronger. Together.

The 3DENT Type L-1500 Liftboat is designed to provide a versatile and cost-effective solution for meeting the increased demands of the offshore oil and gas, and wind farm markets. The Type L-1500 Liftboat is capable of being outfitted for wind farm installation, workover, and general construction operations and is well suited for meeting the operating demands of the Southern North Sea, Middle East, Asia, Gulf of Mexico, and West Africa. The focus of the vessel’s design is on optimizing the components that make for an efficient and capable vessel including: DP2 capabilities and increased transit speeds for fast efficient transit and positioning operations; robust truss leg design and jacking system for increased elevated ratings; increased crane lifting capacity, deck space, and variable deck load for elevated operations.


Classification Society: ABS
Classification Notation: +A1 Self-Elevating Unit, AMS, ACCU, DPS2

Main Dimensions


Length btw Perpendiculars: 70.0 m
Overall Length: 91.0 m
Width Overall: 40.0 m
Hull Depth: 7.0 m
Open Deck Area: 1600 m^2


Helicopter Type: Sikorsky S92 or Equivalent


Type: Triangular Truss
Length: 96.0 m
Size (chord to chord centers): 6.0 m
Transverse Spacing: 30.0 m
Longitudinal Spacing: 36.0 m


Total complement: 80 persons in 42 cabins



Three (3) 1,080kW azimuthing thrusters
Wartsila LCT 175

Two (2) 1,000kW retractable thrusters
Wartsila LMT 175
Can be converted to transverse thrusters


Four main generator sets rated at 1820 ekW
Caterpillar C280-6

One emergency generator rated at 500 ekW
Caterpillar C16


Main Crane
Huisman 300MT PMOC
Type: Pedestal
Capacity: 300 MT at 13.2 m
Boom Length: 55.4 m

Auxiliary Crane
Liebherr MTC 1900
Type: Pedestal
Capacity: 50 MT at 9.0 m
Boom Length: 36.6 m

Jacking System

Manufacturer/Model: BLM D80H
Jacking Speed:
Up to 1.2 m/min (Raising and Lowering the Hull)
Up to 2.4 m/min (Raising and Lowering the Legs)

Design Criteria

Parameter Units Condition 1 Survival Condition 2 Survival
Water Depth m 60.0 50.0
Airgap m 12.2 12.2
Maximum Wave Height m 12.8 13.4
Period sec 13 13
Wind speed m/s 36.0 42.2
Current Velocity (Wind Driven) m/s 1.3 1.3
Penetration m 3.04 3.04
Variable Deck Load MT 1,500 1,500