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3DENT's Name

3DENT's Name

May 24, 2018 News Archive
3DENT's Name

From day one, we envisioned 3DENT being an innovative company. So, we decided not to call the company 3DENT OFFSHORE or 3DENT NAVAL ARCHITECTS. Instead, we decided to include TECHNOLOGY in our name.

I’ve been asked multiple times what “DENT” stands for, as many think the “3” stands for there being 3 partners in the company. The answer is that neither the 3 nor the DENT stand for anything in particular. Here is the brief history of how we became 3DENT TECHNOLOGY.

Quoting from the below link, “in Greek Mythology, one of the primary symbols of the sea god Poseidon was the trident. As his personal weapon, he could use it to create thunderstorms and strong tidal waves. It was created by the Cyclopes and given to Poseidon as a gift after his brother Zeus freed them from the great Tartarus.” (http://godofwar.wikia.com/wiki/Poseidon%27s_Trident)

We wanted to call our new company TRIDENT TECHNOLOGY, but this name was already taken as a registered Texas company. We toyed with the idea of calling the company Poseidon, but decided most of us couldn’t spell it correctly and we would lose business when people couldn’t find our website or sent email to the wrong address. At that time, it was only Bart and me (Sandy joined us about 2 months later). So, we also toyed with the idea of using our initials to come up with a name. How does J&B Technology or V&G Technology sound?

Finally, the name 3DENT was the clever way Bart came up with as a way to reference TRIDENT. I think 3DENT was the best choice – even if when we give our business card to receptionists they don’t know what to call us.