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Reaching Out To Stay Current

Reaching Out To Stay Current

Oct 26, 2016 News Archive
Reaching Out To Stay Current

On a busy Thursday morning last July, I got a call from a friend asking if I would mind being a last-minute addition to her line up of speakers at an event she was organizing. She gave me a wide berth on the topic to present but suggested I simply speak about my experience transitioning from being an employee to being the main partner of a small design and consulting company in the offshore oil & gas industry. I agreed to give a short talk on that topic and decided to participate in the entire event, instead of simply showing up for the last slot of the day.

The event was hosted by CAMERON’s subsea division and was co-organized by Sandra Roth (the friend who called me to fill-in) and Carlos Pineda. Carlos, a global well completions advisor, has generously developed these events through an organization he founded called Pay-it-Forward Networking Tours. According to their linkedIn page, their mission is to “bring professionals in transition and sponsoring companies together to a win-win situation for both.”

Five months ago, OilPro published an article about this organization when it was still called “Pay-it-Forward During the Downturn.” The win-win proposition benefits those in transition (by keeping them encouraged, providing learning and networking opportunities and helping them find new areas of interest in the industry) and the sponsoring companies (by preventing knowledge loss, establishing relationships with experts in the field and having them become familiar with and even promoting the companies’ products and services).

In the July event hosted by Cameron, I got to meet Pablo Lyon, who talked about his path to becoming Cameron’s VP for Latin America and we also had product presentations by Oscar Rodriguez (Valves & Measurement), Daniel Rodriguez (Drilling), Antonion Antunes (Surface) and Tommy Yabuki (Process). Overall, there were about 30 people in attendance, most of whom had subsea background. Despite my limited knowledge of the subsea world, I could tell they were asking insightful questions. After the final presentation (mine), we took a group picture and many of us went to the cafeteria and continued the fellowship over lunch (courtesy of Cameron). With permission from Carlos Pineda, I am happy to include the group picture.